Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs? What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

The simple answer is - Heat Kills Bed Bugs! Heat has been scientifically proven to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. The question is how long does it take for heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs and what temperature must be achieved for a complete "kill"?

A great deal of study has been done in recognized institutions in the past three years on this very subject. Now there is real data backed up by leading scientific researchers that give us the answers we've been looking for!

Dr. Dini Miller Ph.D is one of a few leading researchers in the field of killing bed bugs with heat. Dre Miller, among others, have concluded scientifically that not only is it possible to kill bed bugs with heat but that when properly applied, heat will kill all of the bed bugs and their eggs very efficiently.

What temperature kills bed bugs? How hot is hot enough?

The next obvious question is... What temperature is required to kill bed bugs and their eggs? Again, a great deal of effort has gone into studying this very question. Heating a bed bug or bed bug egg to 122 degrees for less than 60 seconds will kill them. However, reputable bed bug exterminators that use heat will routinely keep the home heated to between 140 and 150 degrees for hours. The reason for this is to ensure that the heat permeates into every crack and crevice in the home - especially behind baseboards, underneath air vents and deep into soft furniture like mattresses, sofas and lounge chairs.

Achieving the requisite temperature for bed bug extermination is best done via the closed loop glycol bed bug heat treatment system because the system easily achieves the required temperature kill zone quickly and it maintains that high temperature indefinitely. The glycol system is simply more efficient and much safer than other systems readily available on the market today.

How long does it take for heat to kill bed bugs?

The length of time that it takes heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs depends on the environment in which you find the bed bugs to begin with. Of course, the answer depends on where the bed bugs are. For example, if the bed bugs are out in the open say on the baseboards in plain sight, the heat of the treatment will directly impact the insects and it will only take a short time for he bed bugs to die. This scenario is not the common one however. More commonly, bed bugs hide in hidden places and, as a result, the heat treatment company must ensure that the temperature achieved is sufficient to ensure that all of the bed bugs and their eggs are exposed to the thermal kill temperature range.

Proper air circulation is achieved in the treatment area to ensure maximum hot air flow throughout the structure being treated.

Bed Bug Exterminator Kitchener - Bed Bug Heat Treatment Kitchener Ontario

Bed Bug Exterminator Kitchener

Bed Bug Exterminator Kitchener: Bed bugs have invaded Kitchener Ontario!

The Kitchener area has been hard by bed bugs in the past two years and if you live in the area you certainly don't need me to tell you that. So many residents of the Kitchener Waterloo area are reporting having a bed bug problem that pest control companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for extermination services!

Just a few short years ago, bed bugs were primarily only being reported in the densely populated areas of larger cities in Southern Ontario but no more! The bed bug problem has most definitely permeated into the surrounding sub-cities and even into small rural areas as well. There are a number of reasons for this.

Around ten years ago we started seeing bed bugs being reported in the hearts of large, densely populated cities. This was due to prevalence of those that traveled and brought them in, primarily, due to international travel. Over the years, bed bugs took hold and have managed to spread to even the most remote areas of Ontario. Kind of like throwing a stone into a pond and watching the ripples expand outwards towards the bank, bed bugs have spread in much the same way.

Kitchener / Waterloo, a larger area located just West of the GTA, has unfortunately become victim to the ever-expanding bed bug problem in Ontario leaving pest control professionals scrambling to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for their services and prompting local Kitchener government personnel to provide bed bug resources to their residents.

Over the past ten years different bed bug extermination techniques has been developed to combat bed bugs. The two most utilized are the 'traditional' method and the 'bed bug heat treatment'.

Traditional Bed Bug Extermination

The 'traditional' bed bug method consists of a licensed bed bug exterminator conducting a treatment consisting of application of certain chemicals specifically designed to kill bed bugs. It will include the application of 'Class 3 pesticides', dust, aerosol application and steaming. Usually, this method, if conducted by a skilled person, will result in elimination of the bed bug problem in two visits. Depending on the severity of the infestation and the length of time it has been allowed to fester, in addition to the physical attributes of the home being treated (clutter, amount of furniture in the home etc.), it may take more than the two treatments usually planned for. In addition, there is the possibility that the bed bug infestation is 'chemically resistant' and there may be no way to determine this prior to the treatment protocol taking place.

Bed bug heat treatment now available in Kitchener

In addition to the 'traditional' bed bug extermination methods, the has been a huge development in the fight against bed bugs in the past four years... The bed bug heat treatment. Kitchener area residents can now benefit from having a bed bug heat treatment in their area. The benefits of this type of bed bug heat extermination are many!

A bed bug heat treatment simply refers to a pest control company heating your home to above the 'thermal kill range' that kills bed bugs. Bed bugs will die if exposed to heat for the requisite time and temperature. Although usually more expensive than the 'traditional' method, bed bug heat treatments have proven to more effective and are conducted in just one day as opposed to two or more treatments.

In addition to the above stated benefits, a bed bug heat treatment also provides the ability to kill the bed bug eggs! This is a huge step forward since pesticides in Canada will not do that. When the bed bug eggs are heated to 'kill range' they die, even if the female bed bugs deposited them in the smallest of cracks or crevices.

There are a number of qualified bed bug heat treatment companies that service the Kitchener area and there are some very important things to look for when selecting the one that's right for you.

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Choose the best Toronto bed bugs exterminator for you!

How to hire the best bed bug exterminator in Toronto?Here's what you need to know...

Video credit: GreenTech Bug Heat Toronto  ...You can reach them here

If you're unfortunate enough to be dealing with bed bugs in your home for the first time you are most likely pretty upset - this is normal! You're frantically searching the net for information on bed bugs and how to exterminate them and you're also doing research on pest control companies that kill bed bugs... What you're also finding is a plethora of information that sometimes conflicts. When looking for a bed bug extermination company in Toronto there are some important things that you need to be aware of. We're going to explore some of these things in this article.

Hiring a bed bug exterminator in Toronto... What to look for.

When looking for a company to conduct pest control for bed bugs you need to look for a number of important things in that company realizing that killing bed bugs is different from other insects.

Because bed bugs are commonly regarded in the pest control industry as one of the hardest insects to eradicate relative to other insects, there are some special qualifications to look for in a company that you hire to do this for you.

Only hire an experienced bed bug exterminator!

There are a number of companies in the Toronto area that have a great deal of experience in killing bed bugs. Make sure that the company you hire is licensed and that they have a lengthy track record specifically in the extermination of bed bugs. This experience goes a long way to ensuring a positive outcome for you. The exterminator should know how bed bugs operate, where they tend to hide and they should know the very best way(s) to kill them.

 The experience of your bed bug exterminator can be measured in two ways, one of which is more important than the other

  1. How long has the company been exterminating bed bugs
  2. How many bed bug treatments has the exterminator done

Although both of the above are important, number "2" is more so! Many pest control companies in the Toronto area have been in business form many decades yet have relatively little experience in killing bed bugs specifically. From your perspective as the home owner, you want a company that specializes in bed bugs and who has technicians and crew that are extremely experienced.

In addition, you want to hire someone that has office staff that are very knowledgable in what you're going through as you deal with your bed bug problem. This aspect is very important and you're looking for someone that will spend the time with you to explain in detail what is to happen and how.

Only a company with at least five years experience in killing bed bugs specifically will tend to have the requisite knowledge and experience necessary to consistently and capably perform as expected.

Licensing? Accreditation?... Which bed bug extermination company to choose?

When is comes to whom to choose to actually come in to do the extermination for you, you need to consider two things over all else... Licensing and Accreditation!

In order for a company to use certain approved products in your home they must be licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario. Being licensed by the MOE means that they are under governmental oversight which ensures that they are conducting themselves legally and safely. As you will see in the next segment, there is one type of bed bugs treatment that does NOT require any governmental licensing whatsoever but you NEED to hire a licensed company regardless of which type of bed bug extermination you opt for! See here for a comparison of the two different types of extermination methods available.

Choose a company that is a member in good standing with at least a couple of the following organizations - doing this lends credibility to the company you hire and shows that they are interested in keeping up on the latest information relating to bed bugs and the extermination industry.

If you hire a pest control company that 'bed bug heat treatments' that is not licensed by the MOE you risk having someone in that is not insured!

Regardless of which type of bed bug treatment you choose...


Bed bug mattress covers - Why they are important

Bed bug mattress covers - Why they are so important!

If you've been dealing with a bed bug problem lately and have contacted a reputable pest control company for advice and/or treatment, they have most likely advised you to install bed bug mattress covers on all of your mattresses and box-springs in your home. If you've received this advice - you should take it! Here are some reasons why bed bug mattress covers are so important to your bed bug extermination process.

What do bed bug mattress covers do?

Bed bug mattress covers serve a number of important functions. Depending on the type of bed bug treatment you choose; a 'traditional' bed bug treatment consisting of the use of pesticides, dust, steaming etc., or the method that is fast becoming the most popular treatment for bed bugs - the Bed Bug Heat Treatment, there is a prominent place at the table for the use of the bed bug mattress cover.

Bed bug mattress covers - also referred to as bed bug mattress encasements - are simply a material (either a paper-like version or poly-knit, more on this below) that completely surround the entire mattress or box-spring. All versions have the ability to completely zip up to prevent bed bugs (or bed bug eggs) from exiting the seal once established. This can be particularly helpful when someone has a mattress that is so infested with bed bugs that even a thorough steam treatment will simply not be enough to kill every single bed bug or egg that may be on or in it. Bed bugs are not burrowing insects but they can and will enter the mattress through grommet holes or tears that may exist in the mattress itself.

In addition, the bed bug mattress cover is always bright white and there is a good reason for this. When a bed bug feeds on its host (you) it deposits at least one dot of fecal matter shortly thereafter. This fecal matter is always black in colour. The bright white bed bug cover acts to create a start contrast between the cover and the fecal matter thus making it measurably easier for someone to spot that bed bug activity exists. In other words, the bed bug cover acts as a reasonably good bed bug monitoring aid as well. Your bed bug exterminator should be happy to explain all of the benefits of these covers to you.

It is very important to install bed bug mattress covers on all of the mattresses AND box-springs in your home.

Which kind of bed bug mattress cover is the best?

Choosing the best bed bug mattress cover can take time searching online or asking friends etc., suffice to say that there are essentially two basic materials that these covers are made of; A paper-like material and a 'Poly-knit' fabric. What are the basic differences between them?

The main differences between these two types of materials are that the paper-like material tends to tear easily whereas the poly-knit fabric type stretches and is manufactured to a higher tolerance for ripping and tearing.

Although the poly-knit bed bug cover can be significantly more expensive than the other, if you have small children in your home or even cats with claws, it is highly recommended that you purchase this type of cover.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of noticing a tear in your bed bug cover the rule of thumb is this; If the tear is less than four inches in length you can use simple duct tape to secure it shut. Ensure that you have done this thoroughly. If the tear is greater than four inches it is recommended that you purchase another cover and install it over the torn existing one.

How long should I leave my bed bug mattress cover on for?

This question comes up a lot! The rule of thumb is that you should leave the cover on forever... It has been shown that having a cover of this type on your bed may actually help give you a better sleep. It also reduces dust in your bedroom.

If you choose to remove the bed bug cover at some point make absolutely sure that you do not still have any bed bugs in your home before doing so. At the very least, you should wait eighteen months after seeing no signs of bed bugs in your home.

Where is the best place to buy a bed bug mattress cover in the Toronto area?

There are a number of good retailers that carry a variety of bed bug mattress covers in Toronto. Walmart carries a number of brands and quality levels that should provide a wide enough selection for most price-points. There are also a number of good online retailers for these covers as well.

When it comes to bed bug extermination, there are many tools that your extermination company will use to address the problem. Utilizing bed bug mattress and box-spring covers is part of the essential items that must be used as part of the overall strategy in eliminating bed bugs from your home.